Best Homeschool Curriculum That Is Most Suitable For Your Child

There are many reasons why you would want to homeschool your child rather than send him to a regular school. Nonetheless, there are considerations you need to make and one of them is selecting the best homeschool curriculum for your child. There are many homeschool curriculums to choose from and knowing what each curriculum offers will help in picking the most suitable one.

Instructor-Guided Curriculum

As implied by its name, an instructor or teacher guides the student through each lesson. Typically, the student needs to answer a workbook whose questions correlate with what were taught during the lessons. This curriculum fits new homeschoolers whose parents are not that confident about teaching the subject. The parent is also learning together with the student, so the leading teacher can better answer the questions that could come up. The downside is that it requires more time to prepare, particularly when teaching different ages and levels.

Interactive Curriculum

All pieces of information are written in the book, but teacher and students read and study them together. The teacher will have a separate manual within which lesson outlines and review questions are found and can be used in further explaining the lessons to the student. Here, there is no need for the teacher to prepare the lessons; the child gets active involvement in studying and reading lessons. If the teaching parent does not feel quite confident, additional help might be required. Also, it will be very time consuming for the parent to sit down and go through the entire lesson if she has more than one homeschooler to teach.

Independent Curriculum

In this prospectus, all lessons and materials needed for them are inside the student’s book. The student needs to study independently without extra help from the parent or teacher to fully understand the lessons. The student actively and completely involves himself in the lessons. There is no involved preparation on the part of the parent. Here, the student can also work on his own rate. This program is ideal for older children preparing for college. It is crucial, though; that the student feel motivated to do the work and retain what he has learned from the lessons.

In choosing a curriculum that you think is best, there are several matters or issues you have to mull over. First, there are your family’s goals. This can be better understood by associating it with taking a holiday. When travelling, you need first to determine your goal for the trip and then choose how you can travel (either by car, plane, train, etc.) In choosing a homeschool curriculum, same principle applies. Determine the purpose for deciding to homeschool the child and then choose a syllabus that best suits the family’s goals.

Choose also a program that will be appropriate for your child’s nature and needs. Understand that each child has his/her own learning style. Some children are auditory learners or those that efficiently absorb understanding through talking or listening. Some are also visual learners or those learn best through making mental pictures or through seeing. There are also children who are tactile or kinesthetic learners who learn best from touching or moving.

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