Description is a smart platform designed specifically to tackle a common resistance of every writer- writer’s block! It is a software that generates marketing copies in seconds to awaken the written in you. CopyAi’s creative tools can be used to produce marketing copies of articles that you require. It helps you turbo-charge your creativity with its automated tools. You can create copies for Digital Ads for Facebook, Linkedin, and Google, copies for Social Media Content including captions and posts, copies for website content, blog content, sales content, and more. You can also get brainstormed ideas to save time and energy. Users just have to choose a topic and a type of copy from headlines, blogs, and descriptions and then describe their product type and a brief introduction of the company.’s advanced AI-powered technology produces effective results in just a second and the user can draw inspiration from a wide range of ideas. It offers a 7 day free trial with unlimited access to explore and try the product.

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