Frase is an advanced writing helper that attempts to reduce your effort by assisting you in producing and summarizing content with AI-powered tools. The software includes a word processor that tries to improve your productivity by performing automatic searches. Frase is a smart research helper that adjusts to your writing style and assists you with summarizing materials. This clever writing companion saves you time by removing the need to switch tabs between your word processor and your web browser. Its sophisticated auto summary feature enables you in quickly skimming articles to determine whether or not they are relevant to you. Additionally, with each overview, the software suggests specific subjects that may be valuable during the content production process. It is well-suited to all types of businesses, from small to large, thanks to its clever tools and features. With this smart assistant, users can produce interesting and original content with the utmost convenience and comfort. Individual users can sign up for a free account with one seat and a limit of ten documents. It also offers a variety of premium options to its customers, with something to suit every budget.

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